Come Worship with us!

7:45 AM Holy Eucharist

A said service offering a quiet meditative worship experience.


10:00 AM Holy Eucharist

A family friendly service which includes music and singing.

A nursery is available for small children.


* All services are from the Book of Common Prayer 1979

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The process of growing your relationship with God is an important part of life at St. Alban's. We offer opportunities for people of all ages to know God through what we do and offer. Three main areas are included here: liturgy, community, and education.


Sunday mornings are the primary opportunity to experience God through the rich liturgy. The Episcopal tradition invites you to enter into the liturgy in a variety of ways. We come together in community to praise God, to hear the words and stories of the Bible, to be taught during the sermon, to pray for the community we are a part of as well as the world outside our doors, and to break bread together in the way Jesus asked us to remember him. 


St. Alban's is committed to reaching outside our doors and serving God in the community outside our doors. We currently participate in the Cooperating Churches of Sussex, the Community Banquet, the Gathering, and various donations to different programs to name a few. Our newest addition is helping to support the Hospitality Center, a drop in center for the homeless, located in Racine, Wisconsin. We have collected a variety of items to help this new program, as well as baking and decorating over 200 cookies to share with them during the Christmas season. 


Education is an integral part of our life at St. Alban's. We offer Christian education for all ages on Sunday mornings, as well as a variety of opportunities through out the week and special events.

At St. Alban’s we strive to grow in our relationship with God, both as individuals and as church. A key part of that growth is Christian formation/education. Christian formation is a lifelong process of learning, developing and growing, which includes education for both children and adults. But true Christian Formation is actually more than merely a process of learning and acquiring knowledge or information. It involves forming us as disciples of Jesus Christ and equipping us to “do the work (he has) given us to do; to love and serve (God) as faithful witnesses of Christ our Lord.” BCP pg. 366.  

Our Christian formation/education hour is held September –May and begins at 9:00 AM, between the two services.

St. Alban's is an Episcopal Church in the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  We are a lively, enthusiastic congregation joyfully living our Mission From God through community, outreach, formation, and worship.  Together we are proud to honor where we come from, together we are living as God's beloved day by day, and together we are growing into the future God dreams for us.