Come Worship with us!

7:45 AM Holy Eucharist

A said service offering a quiet meditative worship experience.


10:00 AM Holy Eucharist

A family friendly service which includes music and singing.

A nursery is available for small children.


* All services are from the Book of Common Prayer 1979

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“Come unto me all ye that travail and are heaven laden, and I will refresh you.”

This invitation beckons us to join Christ in receiving the Sacrament of Holy Communion.  This window is located near the entrance of our building and that is fortunate.  As we enter the building and glance at this window, we are reminded that we are coming to Jesus.  We come not only to Jesus; we are also coming into Him.  In the old Prayer of Consecration we prayed that “He may dwell in us and we in Him.”

Christ’ arms are outstretched.  He gazes down to us.  He beckons to receive us, as a loving parent receives a little child who rushes into his/her loving embrace.

Christ’s garments are white, gold and red.  These colors, along with the halo, express His divinity.  When we are received into the bosom of God himself, our travails and our burdens quickly disappear.  We find our rest in God.

Christ stands in a field of prairie grasses and flowers.  Perhaps that is what was found in the area around Sussex when the window was made.  The green flowers and grasses are also symbolic of the Kingdom of Heaven.

We must also remember that we come to Christ not merely to be forgiven or to have Him share our burdens.  We come into Christ to be refreshed.  This implies strengthening for his service.  If we presume to share God’s love, we must also be prepared to share in His work.

We glance as this window as we enter the church, and we know that we are coming into Jesus in His Sacrament.  W also must glance at the window as we leave the church, for now we are refreshed and able to be better servants. May we who struggle to be His servants in this life , be worthy to be received as His servants in the life to come.

---Text excerpted from the writings and sermons of the Rev. Canon M. Fred Himmerich, Ph.D.

“Portrait of Christ, ‘Come Unto Me”
In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. John Young and Daughters,
Mary Ann, Angeline and Martha

At St. Alban’s we strive to grow in our relationship with God, both as individuals and as church. A key part of that growth is Christian formation/education. Christian formation is a lifelong process of learning, developing and growing, which includes education for both children and adults. But true Christian Formation is actually more than merely a process of learning and acquiring knowledge or information. It involves forming us as disciples of Jesus Christ and equipping us to “do the work (he has) given us to do; to love and serve (God) as faithful witnesses of Christ our Lord.” BCP pg. 366.  

Our Christian formation/education hour is held September –May and begins at 9:00 AM, between the two services.

St. Alban's is an Episcopal Church in the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  We are a lively, enthusiastic congregation joyfully living our Mission From God through community, outreach, formation, and worship.  Together we are proud to honor where we come from, together we are living as God's beloved day by day, and together we are growing into the future God dreams for us.