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7:45 AM Holy Eucharist

A said service offering a quiet meditative worship experience.


10:00 AM Holy Eucharist

A family friendly service which includes music and singing.

A nursery is available for small children.


* All services are from the Book of Common Prayer 1979

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The importance of the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a crucial element of our Christian doctrine.

First, it is necessary to review just why St. Mary is so important.  Mary, united to God through the humanity given to God the Son, is the focal point of the union of God and man.  She represents us all as she allows God the Son to take our nature from her, making Him also the “Son of Man.”  No one in the history of the world was more highly blessed and is more worthy of honor than Blessed Mary.  In accordance with that tradition, there are three windows in our church building which honor St. Mary.

The third Mary window is titled “ A Mother in Israel.”  The title refers to the prophetess Deborah, who encouraged the Israelites to win a  great victory over the Canaanites.  The woman pictured in this window is dressed in blues and reds, which are normally associated with St. Mary.  Her child is dressed in glistening white.  She is seated on a throne in front of draperies, which symbolize the Kingdom of Heaven.  Both the Mother and Child have haloes, which signify their holy status.  This window assuredly is also a Madonna and Child window.

The Christian Church is referred to as the Israel of God.  We view Deborah and her relationship to the Israelites as the fore-shadowing of Mary as our Mother.  This window shows an abundance of lilies and fleur-de-lis, emblems signifying the purity of St. Mary.

---Text excerpted from the writings and sermons of the Rev. Canon M. Fred Himmerich, Ph.D.

“Virgin Mary and Infant Jesus ‘A Mother in Israel’” 
Gifted by James Weaver, founder
In Memory of Mrs. Elisabeth Weaver; and her four Children,
James Weaver, Ruth Weaver, Jane Rebecca Weaver, and Stephen Weaver

At St. Alban’s we strive to grow in our relationship with God, both as individuals and as church. A key part of that growth is Christian formation/education. Christian formation is a lifelong process of learning, developing and growing, which includes education for both children and adults. But true Christian Formation is actually more than merely a process of learning and acquiring knowledge or information. It involves forming us as disciples of Jesus Christ and equipping us to “do the work (he has) given us to do; to love and serve (God) as faithful witnesses of Christ our Lord.” BCP pg. 366.  

Our Christian formation/education hour is held September –May and begins at 9:00 AM, between the two services.

St. Alban's is an Episcopal Church in the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  We are a lively, enthusiastic congregation joyfully living our Mission From God through community, outreach, formation, and worship.  Together we are proud to honor where we come from, together we are living as God's beloved day by day, and together we are growing into the future God dreams for us.